Facial Toners For All Skin Types

December 8, 2014

Toning is an essential part of a steady skincare routine. Not only does it minimise the size of enlarged pores, but it also preps the skin for other products such as serums and moisturisers.

If you haven’t used a toner before, here are just a few selections which will work perfectly on your skin.

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Oily skin

Most women who have oily skin think that using oil-based products will only make skin look and feel oilier. This is far from the truth! After you’ve cleansed your face for the evening, apply a few drops into a cotton pad and wipe carefully across the face and neck. This formula by Aesop is fast absorbing, and it won’t feel oily on your skin.

Facial Toners For All Skin

Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner, $33

Dry skin

Use an alcohol-free toner on dry skin to remove dirt and unclog your pores. Anything that contains too much fragrance will cause skin to dry out, and lead to unwanted under-the-skin bumps. Don’t forget to tone your neck, and apply a moisturiser immediately after the toner has settled to nourish dry skin.

Facial Toners For All Skin

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner, $8.99

Combination skin

Since combination skin can often feel difficult to maintain, it’s best to use a toner which will relax your skin. Anything containing aloe vera or shea butter is best for keeping skin feeling clean and hydrated before applying moisturiser or makeup.

Facial Toners For All Skin

L’Occitane Fresh Gentle Toner, $34

Normal skin

Anyone with normal skin can use any type of toner on their face, and it will still look amazing! For best results, use rosewater and chamomile extracts to reduce redness, or simply splash on your face at any time of day for an instant cooling effect.

Facial Toners For All Skin

Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner, $13.95

Sensitive skin

If your skin is extremely sensitive, then it’s best to use a toner with no added fragrance. This could only irritate the skin, and lead to redness and bumps all over. A thermal water will still tighten and tone the skin without making it feel too over-processed.

This is the best alternative since most toners can be quite drying, and cause breakouts on already sensitive skin.

Facial Toners For All Skin

Avene Thermal Spring Water, $25.99

Image via Become Gorgeous

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