Famous Interior Designers: Spring Style

March 20, 2014
Interior Designers Spring Style

With spring cleaning usually comes a little spring makeover. Taking your cues from famous interior designers can help you achieve the perfect look for spring in any room of your home. Here are a few stylish suggestions to inspire your home makeover.


One of the best ways to decorate your home for spring is to add a popof color. Pastels are always lovely in spring, however, brighter hues like orange or green indicate new life and revival, and can make beige, gray or black furniture pieces in your home stand out. Designer Anthony Baratta encourages the use of bright color and geometric design to create the ideal spring-ready space.

Spring Interior Design


Items like throw pillows and blankets, along with artwork, can add attractive texture to any room in your home. Designer Mariette Himes Gomez recommends using area rugs that feature small designs to lend texture to a room and designate seating areas in a room.

latest Spring Interior Design

Signature Pieces

Interior designer Susan Ferrier encourages homeowners to add standout pieces to their rooms that add interest and visual appeal to any space. For instance, a distressed antique dish in metal or an ottoman in crushed velvet can make a space more appealing. A signature piece is a neutral or metallic shade adds the right finishing touches to a room without overwhelming the area with color.

Spring Interior Designs


Springtime can inspire you to add brighter lighting to a room so that the rooms in your home will look a little more like the sunny weather outside. Interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein recommends using lamps in a room that are easy to remove, so you can add or take away as much light as you want. Tall lamps in a bronze or copper tone are especially warm and sophisticated, and look great with furniture of virtually any color.

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Famed decorator Mario Buatta recommends patterned furniture pieces to make a room look spring-ready. Buatta suggests pillows with a floral print for a chair or couch, and also asserts that plants and baskets can give any room a welcoming, nature-inspired feel.

As you can see, features like textured accents, fresh hues and specialized lighting can help you show off your style in a practical and creative way. Adding some of these elements can make a big difference in any room.

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