Fashion Alert – Glittering Jewellery Stones

May 1, 2001

Crystal Tattoos

Following the recent Hippie Chic on bare skin look, Swarovski has done it again with the Glamour Look a la Hollywood. Wear there latest glittering jewellery stones on bare skin or as a neckline. They come in blue, red, topaz and amethyst. The great thing to these funky tatts is that they are so easy to apply (It doesn’t have to be four in the morning and a dare with a friend). All you do is carefully wash and dry the area you want to apply the stone and press it firmly for 10 seconds.

I’ve tried it and they really do last for several days.

Available from Swarovski and Ooh La La stores nationally. ($24-$42 per CD pack)

Fashion Show

Hot American designer Anna Sui is hosting fashion shows for everyone, well if you live in Sydney. If you love her funky, rock-star style then check out her shows at the Wella/ACD Collections on Friday, May 11 and the marie claire fashion show on May 12-13. For more information contact marie claire on (02) 8220 2000.

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