Fashion Meets Function: How To Style The Activewear Trend


Activewear is quickly becoming integrated into our daily lives as a stylish form of attire. The healthy lifestyle craze around the world particularly with women has influenced this new fashion trend, where lyrca and sneakers are now acceptable in the public domain. The fast fashion brands such as Forever 21, H & M, and Gap are taking advantage of this growth potential. Street wear has taken a new form, with the modern girl feeling comfortable and on trend in the latest Lorna Jane gear.

Luxury labels also have caught on, Kunde told Business of Fashion “Chanel and Dior are already sending sneakers down couture runways. Yoga pants have that same allure…Emphasising functionality alongside fashion will be key”. The trend is described as ‘soft dressing’ and the fashion world has completely accepted the fact that yoga pants are becoming the new denim and we love it! Here are some tips on how to look stylish, put together and still comfortable.

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Consider the occasion

First of all, though we all love this look, be sure to not turn up at your parent’s wedding anniversary in lyrca pants. If it’s breakfast or lunch with a friend, picking up some groceries, shopping at the local mall, or just running some errands around town you go for it.

Check the fit

Gym clothes have a very specific fitting; they have to be just right, not too small or too big.  As fashion stylist Nicole Carothers told “your clothes shouldn’t have to be tugged on with every twist and turn your body makes”.

Make it fun

What woman doesn’t love to accessorise? Activewear is no different, throw on your favourite sunglasses, some cute earrings and always have an over the shoulder bag that matches your gear, and if you’ve just come from a workout all of this will detract from the non-makeup face we all hate showing.

Fabrics are key

If you are coming straight from a class to coffee with a girlfriend be sure to wear fabrics that will absorb the perspiration, these will mostly be synthetic. Check there is a mesh layer inside you sports bra as well, many ladies forget about the importance of this.

When a shopping trip is needed

Activewear can be on the expensive side, but just as you wouldn’t wear a shirt with a sauce stain, you shouldn’t be accepting discolouration on your gear. Any form of sweat yellowing, permanent white deodorant mark, or energy drink stain should be thrown out. Head in to your chosen retail store or online and purchase some new styles, you feel fresh and ready to workout or go to brunch.

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By Amy Miller