Shopping Tips for Your Next Big Spree

September 1, 2001

Designer ChicIf designer clothes are your weakness and spending $300 on a t-shirt is not a problem for you then you should keep these shopping tips in mind for the next big spree:

  1. When you go shopping next think about what’s required for your lifestyle, including work and weekend. Aim to make multi-functional pieces work together.
  2. Invest in classic items that will always look good rather than buying into passing trends. If you need something fun, don’t overspend.
  3. Stock up on must-have items when you go overseas. If you’re smart you’ll get bargain items that haven’t hit the stores here yet.
  4. Look further a field for one-offs. Try designer outlets and sales? you can pick up amazing designer bargains. Go to vintage shops as well because you can often find old Dinnigan’s, Chanel’s or Gucci’s.

Vintage Chic

Do you salivate when you walk into a vintage boutique? you scrummage through boxes of clothes and clothes until you find the bargain you have been looking for?

Well, then you better follow these tips:

  • Never buy things without trying them on, no matter how cheap they are.
  • Take a friend along to rummage through clothes together. It’s just as much fun finding an outfit for your mate.
  • Don’t buy items that don’t fit properly unless you’re willing to get them altered straight away.
  • Avoid trendy and expensive second-hand shops. Instead, try little-known stores and once you find a favourite place, never tell anyone about it.
  • Be imaginative. That dress may look boring on the rack but if you wear it with a great accessory it could be the next fantastic addition to your wardrobe.
  • Never give up! You can find bargains in the most unlikely places. If in Sydney try Bobby Dazzler in Coogee? you will find incredible pieces.

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