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Fashion Trends vs Personal Style: Carving Your Own Identity

Fashion Trends vs Personal Style: Carving Your Own Identity

Fashion Trends vs Personal Style: Carving Your Own Identity

If only there was a secret formula that could guarantee you a good outfit. Well, according to science, there very well could be.

Each and every trend you see from Saint Laurent to Sportsgirl has been carefully thought out months or even years before the items are hanging in our closets.

But how can the modern woman look good in anything she chooses, and refrain from purchasing items every few weeks, until they’re deemed untrendy again?

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How are trends determined?

Trend forecasters usually sit at the top of the fashion food chain and generally dictate the ‘trends’ of the season. Whether it’s flared trousers or bermuda shorts, these trends are then passed onto designers, published in magazines, worn by celebrities, and finally sold in the high-street.

How can I build my own personal style?

Proportions: Keeping an outfit looking symmetrical and even is almost guaranteed to make it look better. Some follow the chest and legs rule (pick one to show off, never both), and others prefer to throw on a boxy, boyfriend blazer to bring some structure to an outfit. Either way you look at it, there are certain pieces which help to refine the overall look of an outfit.

Dress for your body: The thing that sets us apart (and also brings us together) is the fact that out body types differ. You might have a larger bust, your best friend might have larger hips and the same item will look completely different on the two of you.

And although buying online can be mighty tempting (especially if there’s a sale and you’re surfing the internet with a glass of wine in one hand), then there is no denying that your credit card will be doing some serious damage.

Be aware of your measurements and take photographs of the items you do try on in-store. This will help you create a better idea of the outfit, rather than buying it simply because you have the means.

It’s all in your head: One of the main ways to look good in any outfit, is to have a positive outlook about it. Have you ever seen anyone looking positively miserable in an expensive outfit? Of course.

That is the same reason that some people look good in a $12 shirt from Kmart. Feeling comfortable in your clothes will 100% guarantee that your outfit will shine through – it’s all about good self confidence!

How can I save money on clothes each season?

Longterm monetary solution: The French wardrobe

We’ve probably mentioned the French wardrobe before, but it’s more than just looking like a stylish Voguette in the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Modern French women typically invest in 4-5 versatile pieces each season, and incorporate this into the main structure of their wardrobe. Why? It minimises the amount of money we all spend on trendy pieces that are worn once and then banished to the back of the closet. Stick to a colour scheme, avoid overly trendy pieces, and really work these items into your wardrobe over a period of 1-2 years.

This way, your wardrobe isn’t so much determined by fickle trends, but by a strong, true style which comes out of carefully selected pieces which innately represent you.

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