Fashion Trends We Wish We’d Never Seen

October 21, 2010

The Trends That Weren’t

Styles and trends change so fast that is hard to keep up. Quite often we see things drifting in and out of fashion. Recent popular trends such as shoulder pads, leopard print, stripes and clogs have all been done before.

There are some styles that were revered at the time, but never took off or were not destined to last. In light of J Crew’s ‘Hairy Leg Tights’, we thought we would explore some of the ‘Trends that weren’t”.

The Heel-less Shoe

While fashion forward stars like Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham gave them a try (always with a person beside them for support), the general female public winced at the potential dangers of a high heel without the heel. Don’t they hurt enough already?

Ed Hardy

This brand burst onto the fashion scene in 2005 based on the designs of tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. Celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears and David Beckham were regularly kitted out in the bedazzled t-shirts and caps. Now popularity has done a back flip with online hate campaigns (i.e. Facebook group Friends don’t let friends wear Ed Hardy has 14000+ members!), and Australian operations being pushed into liquidation last month.

Visible G-string

Though it is hard to recall when this was ever “a good look”, it certainly happens. That is why we laughed when Kim (from Kath and Kim) made this her trademark look.

Parachute Pants

Are they tight? Are they baggy? Harem pants rose to fame following that classic MC Hammer music video “U Can’t Touch this”. A more modest version has made a comeback this year, but the outrageous prints are too reminiscent of pyjamas to be cool.

The Bunny Ears

Australia saw a wave of this trend in 2001 thanks to Big Brother contestant Sara-Marie. This year, Louis Vuitton released a “high fashion” version of the bunny ears for US$400. Doesn’t really scream “class” though, does it?


Dads are the biggest culprits of this trend: they are the new age ‘socks and sandals’. While the hard plastic is apparently practical, there is no forgiving how ugly they are.

Double Denim

When teen couple Britney and Justin worked this on the red carpet, they committed two fashion faux pas: double denim and coordinated dressing. DD has tried to creep back in a few times but will never work for anybody outside the farm.

UGG Boots

As Australians we are quite prone to the comfy UGG boots, especially in winter. But they were never meant to leave the house particularly when paired with shorts.

What are the trends you wish had never happened?

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