Fashion Week Survival-Kit Must Haves

March 24, 2015
Fashion Week Survival-Kit Essentials

If you’re a fashionista in the know, then it’s no surprise that you’ve already received your accreditation to fashion week in Sydney, congratulations! The hard work is yet to come however, especially coming up with those killer outfits to get street style snapped by only the best: Tommy Ton, Adam Katz Sinding, and let’s not forget, Phil Oh.

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To prepare you for the week ahead, we have compiled a must-have list of essentials to keep you sane (and looking stylish) amongst the crowds at fashion week.


Let’s not forget those new boots, heels, and sneakers that you purchased especially for fashion week, don’t lie. So to avoid a shoe-related nightmare, you should always pack a few plasters in your clutch, just in case of an emergency. We recommend the thick, material blend instead of the old latex ones which usually just slide off the feet.


If you’re hopping from one show to the next, it’s important to keep your body hydrated. There’s plenty of food available on site (albeit with a heavy price tag), so why not keep something small in your handbag to nourish your body during the day.

A muesli bar is a great (and an inconspicuous option), but don’t forget to eat a hearty meal before leaving home for the day.

Dry shampoo

Who has time to wash their hair every single day, especially during fashion week? Not us! Dry shampoo can be your best friend and provides your hair with volume, bounce, and even helps to hold a curl. But please, choose a formula which won’t leave a white caste on the scalp – eek!


Silk, cotton, or polyester – it’s really your choice. But a scarf or shawl is a must-have, especially if you’re in and out of shows all day long. Not only can it spice up a fairly simple outfit, but it can keep you rather warm in the cold, air-conditioned rooms.

Blotting paper

Even if you don’t suffer from oily skin, it’s important to keep your makeup under control with some blotting paper. Rather than applying layer after layer of finishing powder, a blotting paper removes the excess oil without making your foundation look too cakey.

Portable charger

Pack a portable charger into your handbag because believe it or not, your phone will run out of battery – fast! Especially if you have Twitter feeds to update, Instagram pictures to share and emails to send back to the office. Never fear, there are charging stations available, but good luck finding one that’s free between shows!

Reading material

Whether it’s a magazine, book, or even a menu, make sure you have something to do read – shows often go overtime, and you’ll find yourself waiting around for most of the day.

Have we left anything out? What are some of your fashion week essentials?

Image via Style By Shahnaz

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