Fashionable Footwear For The Office

September 5, 2014

Finding appropriate footwear for the office which is both stylish and comfortable can often seem impossible. The comfy designs are usually outdated, and the stylish shoes will leave your feet in plasters by the end of the week. Look-up the following styles if you’re ever in need of new and stylish footwear for work.


Airflex is perfect option if you want a stylish shoe for the office which won’t compromise your feet by the end of the day. The Ultraflex comfortable shoes have been specially designed with high-tech outsole materials to maximise shoe flexibility for hours at a time. The unique memory foam insole aids in the relief of foot pressure, which is perfect for people constantly on their feet working full-time.

Airflex Solitaire Pointed-Toe Heels, $139.99

Fashionable Footwear For The Office


If your workplace allows it, flats are a great alternative to kitten heels since your foot won’t have as much pressure on it throughout the day. Sketchers offer an innovative non-slip sole with a memory foam cushion on the inside. The wrap-around heel makes the shoe comfortable to wear for hours at a time, without feeling cramped or constricted on the toes or heels.

Sketchers Transpire SR, $47

Fashionable Footwear For The Office


This stylish shootie (boot/shoe combination) features a 50mm heel, great foot coverage and an elastic fit so you don’t have to fuss around with zippers or laces. All Hush Puppies come equipped with a versatile design which is perfect if you want to look stylish while you work.

Hush Puppies Billie, $149.95

Fashionable Footwear For The Office

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