Fashionable Living: Make Your Apartment Look Good

October 1, 2001

Making your apartment or house look as good as you do is just as important. After all, the way you live does determine how you feel. Don’t panic. It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Scouring through second-hand shops or quirky boutiques will give you some inspiration. Here’s the roll-down:

  1. If you come across some vintage wallpaper but there’s not enough to do anything really useful with it, consider covering a screen. (Let me tell you, WALLPAPER is back). Nothing looks as pretty as a three or five panelled screen in the corner of your room. Helen and Michael English is the most incredible boutique full of vintage wall-paper, divine dresses and hand-made pottery. ( Glenmore Road, Paddington, Sydney. Tel: (02) 9360 8936)
  2. Remember the old feature wall in lime green or fire-engine red. Well, do it with wallpaper. The fab thing is that it looks more like art than wallpaper.
  3. Another great tip is buying old maps and covering a wall with it. They’re perfect if you need to learn geography or just need to look at their calming colours.
  4. Don’t panic about the large over-done floral. They actually make a room look bigger. Do your loo or your entrance hallway.
  5. Striped wall-paper makes a room look taller. The best wall-paper for good slick stripes is Designer Guild. David Jones stocks all the latest Designer Guild and will sometimes sell you one-offs.

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