Fast, easy Christmas shopping tips!

November 26, 2009

Give your wallet and stress level a break! Here’s how to make sure your loved ones don’t all get soap for Christmas this year.

Life can be busy and hectic and things never get done on time, so when it comes to Christmas, instead of it being a happy time of year it makes your life that much more stressful. So what can you do to change that?

1. Start your Christmas shopping in January.

It might sound stupid, but it makes things so much easier. When you go shopping and you walk past something you think someone might like – buy it (if you have the money). There is nothing saying that you can’t put it in storage for a year until Christmas time comes along again.

2. Save some money.

Some people have serious problems with saving money; however, for those of you who don’t, put a little bit of money away each week (even if it is $10) to use for Christmas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy nice gifts.

3. Find out what they want.

The hardest thing about buying presents for Christmas is not when you do it (although that is hard), it is what to get. Find out what people want, and if they don’t know then find out what they have already got and get them something different – but something they will like.

4. Write a list of people you need to buy for.

Lists are always the best way to go. It helps you keep yourself in check and you won’t get things mixed up. Write down who you are buying for, what they want and/or how much you want to spend on them. It makes things a helluva lot easier!

5. Make it fun.

As said earlier on, Christmas time can sometimes be a chore. Along with work, school, uni, kids, friends and everything else you have on in life you don’t really have time to enjoy Christmas. Make a day of it. Go out with your girlfriends or take your kids out shopping and have fun picking out presents that you would like or picking out presents for your friends. Give yourself some time of coffee and lunch and maybe even a movie.
Christmas is meant to be a happy time of year. Devise ways in which you can make it special for you and the people you love.

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