THESE Are Your Fave Sex Stories This Year

August 23, 2017

It’s about to get very hot in here…

If you’re easily offended or prone to be a little prudish, close the tab right now, because the following stories are so explicit, there’ll be very little left to the imagination by the time you’re finished reading.

As voted by our ravenous readers, these are the sexy stories you loved the most on SHESAID this year.

So settle in, and prepare for your screen to start steaming up with these very scandalous reads…

1. I Went Down On A Girl And It Wasn’t What I Expected

A woman fondly recalls her first time giving oral sex to another woman in college, and the way the experience changed the way she looked at sex forever.

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2. I Had Sex With A 21 Year-Old Stranger And It Was Game-Changing

A woman in her early thirties bravely ventures out to a nightclub to meet a 21 year-old stranger for a night of no-strings sex.

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3. What I Learned From 7 One-Night-Stands In 7 Days

A new divorcee goes on a sexual journey, bedding different lovers who each teach her different things about herself and her desires.

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4. What Goes On When I’m Paid To Sleep With Other Women

A high-class escort details her eye-opening affairs with other women, and explains the very unexpected reasons women seek out sex with her.

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5. I Let A Man Totally Dominate And Degrade Me And The Sex Was Face-Melting

A young woman details the sexual awakening she had as the result of having a highly erotic unconventional encounter with a date.

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6. I Seduced The Pizza Guy And Had The Best Sex Of My Life

A sexy fantasy tale of a young English pizza boy and his older female client, who mixed business with pleasure, in more ways than one.

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7. I’m Fat. My Husband Isn’t. And We Have Sex. A LOT.

A self-confessed fat woman details her active sex life with her husband, challenging sexual stereotypes around body image.

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