February DVD Reviews

February 15, 2005

February DVD Reviews

The Notebook
Roadshow Pictures
For some mush this Valentine?s season, the Notebook is definitely the perfect choice! The story is of a young couple in love in the 1940?s and the challenges they face to be together. Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) meet in the summer before college and fall desperately in love. The catch – he is from working class society, and she is from the upper-class. Her parents disapprove and ultimately force them to be separated. The years pass and the two move on, but will that love keep them connected forever? The story is narrated by an old man in a nursing home who is reading the tale to his Alzheimer riddled wife in the hope she remembers some of their life together. This is the ultimate love story with all its unrealistic expectations and tear inducing dramas. For a night with the girls, there?s nothing better!

Mulan 2

Disney?s Mulan II continues the adventure one month after the young Chinese heroine Fa Mulan has saved her country. She is now honored by all and returns to her village and become engaged to General Li Shang. Before they marry though, the Emperor assigns the couple a secret mission! They must help his three princess daughters across China to their waiting princes. The arranged marriage between the pairs will make sure the rival kingdoms will be united and China will be saved from invasion. The film has more catchy songs and a great female role model. Comic relief is brought in the form of Mulan?s guardian dragon, Mushu, who realises if Mulan gets married, he loses his job. His solution is to undertake an 18-phase master plan of relationship sabotage! The film has more catchy songs, a great female role model and will be loved by all kids and adults who enjoyed the original.

Cracking the DaVinci Code
Kaleidoscope Films

Before you see the movie starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Toutou, get all the facts. Cracking the DaVinci Code is a new documentary that looks further into the Holy Grail secret and the mysteries behind Dan Brown?s novel The DaVinci Code. Particularly fascinating is seeing the paintings described in Brown?s famous novel and the places where the action takes place. This documentary features discussion with Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett, whose book, The Templar Revelation, is the main source for the DaVinci Code. The mysteries in The DaVinci Code will merely whet your appetite for what is uncovered in this documentary!

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