February entertainment reviews

February 15, 2005

February entertainment reviews

He’s Just Not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo
Harper Collins
OK, this is a call to all single women ? BUY THIS BOOK! There are a lot of books on relationships but nothing comes close to the reality that Greg Behrendt shares with us in this book.
This is an honest explanation of the male psyche and will hopefully help all the women who are chasing men who just aren?t into them. Written in a simple Sex and the City style, it?s an easy fun read and whether you?re 20 or 60 years old, the principle is the same.
As women we will devise every conceivable theory why he hasn?t called, we enlist our girlfriends to analyse our theories and days later we still are no wiser. When reading this book, I was in the midst of analysing why Mr Great hadn?t called me in 10 days, however, just half way thru the book a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and suddenly I felt empowered… he?s just not into me… and you know what… I?m cool with that. Within a matter of hours, I had moved on and felt great about myself.
As well as showing the excuses a guy can make when he is simply not interested in a certain woman, and taking those on board for the future, the book taught me that it works both ways. In other words, there are many men that I am just not into. The chemistry is simply not there. It doesn’t make that man a bad person, or unattractive to other women.
Read the book – believe it – and follow its advice. – SM
RRP $21.95 but only $19.76 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Where Rainbows End
Cecilia Ahern
Harper Collins

Cecelia Ahern?s first book PS I Love You, written when she was only 21, reached number 1 in her own country of Ireland the first week it was published and remaining there for 19 weeks. It also went to number 1 in the UK and went straight to the bestseller lists in the USA. Where Rainbows End has had similar success, reaching number one in Ireland and the UK. It doesn?t seem to be up to the standard of her first book however. Portrayed through a selection of emails, birthday cards, invitations and instant messages, we learn about the life of Rosie Dunne. From the age of 5 she has been best friends with Alex Stewart and through teenage revelry, marriage, babies and death they remain friends. But are they meant to be more? Everything in this book suggests so, therefore the book seems to be an endless wait for them to get together. Despite this, the surrounding story is entertaining and the characters are interesting. – CW
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Love and Devotion
Erica James
Allen & Unwin

Harriet Swift thinks she has a great life ? in her early thirties she?s sorted out her own flat, a great job and a brand new boyfriend to boot. When her only sister is killed in a car accident, Harriet?s forced to give up her exciting life and move back home to her parents to help care for her orphaned niece and nephew. But moving home isn?t all it seems ? she learns things about her family she never thought possible and while rekindling old childhood friendships, she realises her sister wasn?t the person she thought she was. The book also looks at Will Hart, a man in his mid forties who also believes he has the perfect life. He has already swapped careers, from lawyer to antiques dealer and is living for the moment with his two fabulous daughters and comfortable home. When he learns he is to become a grandfather, things begin to change. As his life develops, he faces the challenge of his life. These two characters are well constructed and make for an intriguing piece of reading that keeps you enthralled. – MT
RRP $29.95

The Same Sweet Girls
Cassandra King
Allen & Unwin

This book follows the ups and downs of a close knit group of Southern women. The four met in college and have had bi-annual reunions ever since. Julia Stovall is the Alabama first lady ? seemingly perfect but underneath is a down to earth gal with hidden secrets all lying under the service. Lanier Sanders, the girl who had an affair with a colleague which resulted in her husband gaining custody of their children. Astor Deveaux, a flirty former Broadway showgirl and Corrine Cooper whose story unfolds as the book progresses. For an unsentimental book about the power of friendship, read this book. – MT
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the
SheSaid Bookshop

Wedding Planning for Dummies
Marcy Blum & Laura Fisher Kaiser
Wiley Publishing

Like all books in the ?For Dummies? series, Wedding Planning for Dummies is comprehensive and easy to understand. From the proposal to the Honeymoon, the writers go through each potential step. Much of the book looks at the various traditions many expect of a wedding, such as the proper way to word an invitation and who pays for what. It also goes through the traditions of other religions and other ways you can choose to celebrate your special day. Although the book is comprehensive, it seemed to leave out a few integral things. Also note it?s an American book, and as such has rather different aspects to an Australian wedding. Prices are likely to be different, as well as various traditions that most Australians haven?t adopted. – CW
RRP $36.95 but only $33.26 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

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