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February face wash reviews

February face wash reviews

1. Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes
These are perfect to take on holiday or just to keep for those late nights when you come home a little tired!!! They are so simple and easy to use, with a really light fragrance and just the right amount of moisture. Just a word of warning make sure you seal them up properly or the wipes can dry out. Every girl should have some. RRP$7.50

2. Innoxa Young Solution Face Wash
The packaging isn?t very girly; in fact the bottle is quite clinical it looks very much like a soap dispenser. However the product foams really nicely and has a slight smell of tea tree oil which makes you feel like your skin has had a good clean. Would suit anyone with oily/combination skin. RRP $9.99

3. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Deep Clean Foaming Wash & Deep Pore Wash
Great if you have oily or problem skin that is prone to blemishes or pimples. The Deep Clean Foaming Wash has a really lovely light fragrance and doesn?t leave your skin feeling ?tight? like some products for oily skin. The Deep Pore wash has tiny granules that really feel like they are getting all the grit and grim off your face, leaving it clean and refreshed. RRP $9.49 & $8.99

4. Clearasil Daily Oil Control with green tea and peppermint
Most of us remember Clearasil from our teens as a pimple treatment and prevention face wash. They?ve recently expanded their range to treat not only those pesky pimples, but also to reduce shine and oil build-up. The Oil Control Gel Wash feels purifying and fresh on the skin and has a gorgeous aroma. RRP $10.95

5. Clearasil Blackhead Clearing Exfoliating Scrub with natural sea salt
This formula is surprisingly not too abrasive on the skin. The sea salt helps clear dirt and oil from the skin?s surface, and although it doesn?t seem to have magically whisked blackheads away, it does provide a deliciously clean and refreshed feeling without drying out the skin. RRP $9.95

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