February Horoscopes

February 1, 2011

February Horoscopes

By Michele FIney


You are energised by new ideas and you want to put them into action right away. Striking while the iron is hot has never been a problem for you and now that Jupiter provides you with ample enthusiasm and confidence this is a winning combination. It’s hard to see how you can possible fail. Think BIG. The only word of caution is not to take on more than you can handle.


A turning point was reached last month. Where will this new journey take you? Now you are ready to start climbing towards your destination. This month’s new moon helps you tune into your instincts. Deep down you know what you have to do. In fact with Venus and Pluto aligning you are set for an important breakthrough with a problem you have been mulling over.


Most of the time Mercury cannot be seen; it’s either hidden in the glare of the Sun or directly behind it. Similarly, you can be hard to pin down. You can find it difficult to make commitments in your ever changing world. While it is great that you are versatile and can adapt to whatever comes you way, this month you might have to decide exactly where you stand.


There is a lot happening and you are trying to decide which way is up. You are ready to break new ground. A new work agenda and timetable will help you establish the work-life balance you are seeking. Consider all options. Meanwhile, an intensely passionate relationship encounter may leave your head spinning, making is impossible to concentrate. February is HOT!


This month is filled with partnership potential. Single Leos will find several new relationship options available, but the first place to look is within you. Consider what you want from others and what you are prepared to offer. Life is about give and take. Any tension in your relationships, whether family, personal or professional, may signal the need for some adjustments.


A busy work month with several projects needing your attention. At the same time you are brimming over with creative ideas. You will be able to get a lot done with the help of productive Mars aspect which is energising you both physically and mentally. Leave yourself enough time and space to meet routine deadlines as well as a few pleasant surprises.


Changes on the home front seem likely as Venus aligns with Pluto this month. Whether redecorating, renovating, moving or dealing with other domestic disruptions, realise that these changes, whether by choice or not, will in the long term bring about a much improved situation that would otherwise deteriorate further. Jupiter in your relationship zone enhances personal and professional networks as well.


Family matters take centre stage. While you are attempting to cement new arrangements in place around your living conditions, expect a curve ball or two to be tossed in your direction. Though there may be unplanned events to contend with which may test your resilience, they will serve to remove any lingering doubts from your mind. Go with the flow.


New learning opportunities, social events and travel plans provide you with an avenue to showcase your communication skills. Opportunities on several fronts will keep you busy. Creative ideas flourish. Don’t overlook the finances which may require your attention. This is a busy time and a great deal can be accomplished in a short time frame so get cracking.


Your priorities are changing. You are brimming with a new confidence, which may surprise you. This sudden feeling of optimism may have you doubting yourself. Never fear, take the ball and run with it. You will soon see the benefit of expanding your horizons. Look further afield for your vision can take you far beyond what you have ever considered possible.


This month’s new moon accompanies Mars and gives you an energy boost. Physical and emotional energy are equally and powerfully attuned now. You know your own mind and are singularly focused. Don’t allow niggling annoyances or other people to get in your way. By month’s end you can rest in the knowledge that you have accomplished exactly what you wanted to.


Chiron moves back into your sign this month which may bring a feeling of disappointment or sadness at the state of the world. Don’t be depressed by this. While you may be feeling emotional for a number of reasons, your caring nature and sensitivity are beautiful gifts. The world needs more of your generosity and empathy. Share it with others and it will be repaid many times over.

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