Why Do I Always Feel Hungry? (Cont’d)

December 3, 2000

What are foods that won’t fill me up?We all think pretzels are low-fat but they don’t do the trick. We just want more and more. Also they won’t fill you up. The best thing to eat is popcorn? it has the same amount of calories but will make you feel full. Ice cream you may think will fill you up but it won’t. Go for instead a high-energy fruit shake that is fibre-rich and filling.The Hungry Diet


Have one cup of oatmeal with ? cup of low-fat milk with a sliced banana. Also have a full glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Morning Grazing

Try an apple or mango with a handful of unsalted mixed nuts.


Make yourself a mixed green salad and add a small tin of tuna or slices of ham Always include tomatoes, some low-fat cheese, cucumbers or avocado. The avocado is in season right now and is delicious.

Afternoon Grazing

If you are at work, then eat some more fruit but if you have access to a kitchen, make a whole-wheat sandwich with peanut butter.


Either have grilled swordfish with stir-fry vegies or a chicken stir-fry with loads of vegetables such as spinach, Bok Choy, beans and broccoli with a half cup of brown rice.


Have low fat yoghurt with fresh strawberries and berries. Frozen berries are just as good if you can’t find any fresh ones.

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