Fiji Travel Guide(contd)

May 27, 2003


It is believed that surfing has existed in Fiji for hundreds of years. Surfing reefs over warm, crystal-clear, turquoise-blue water is a very special experience. The majority of Fiji’s rideable breaks are on offshore reefs that require boat trips. When choosing accommodation, also consider the price of getting to the surf.Sea & Dive Kayaking

Sea and dive kayaking are becoming increasingly popular in Fiji. It is a great way of exploring the coast at a gentle pace. Dive kayaks, which can carry lunch, snorkelling gear and scuba gear, can be double the fun.


Cycling is a good way to explore Fiji. Most roads, especially inland, are rough, hilly and unsealed, so mountain bikes are definitely the best option. The best time to go is the drier season (May to October), and note that the eastern sides of the larger islands receive higher rainfall. Take waterproof gear and a repair kit to be self-sufficient, as it is difficult to get bike parts in Fiji. Some resorts have bikes for hire.

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6th edition

Korina Miller et al

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