Fifi Box: How I Lost 10 kg

December 27, 2013

Former sugar addict and new mum Fifi Box has lost an impressive 10 kgs on the New Atkins program since June – putting her well on the way to her ultimate weight loss goal of 15 kilos. We chatted with Fifi to get her best weight loss tips.

What do you love most about the New Atkins Nutritional Approach?
New Atkins works for me because I never feel like I am missing out. The program has also helped me kick my sugar habit and keeps my energy levels on an even keel– something that is becoming more important to me as I manage work and being a first time mum.

I can choose from a wide range of whole foods including low-sugar fruits, plenty of fresh vegetables, lean red meat, fish, chicken, tofu, dairy, whole grains and nuts. And if I am craving something sweet tasting, I can indulge in an Atkins bar or shake.

What is a typical day’s eating and workout plan?

Breakfast: veggie and fetta omelette

Snack: Chocolate & Orange Atkins Advantage Bar

Lunch: Thai Beef Salad – usually made the night before so easy to take to work

Snack: celery and capsicum sticks with tzatziki

Dinner: Grilled Atlantic salmon fillet with a salad of green beans, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, Spanish onion and chives

Dessert: Sliced apricot, berries and greek style natural yoghurt

I am currently enjoying boxing for my workout.

What kind of snacks do you reach for most?
Atkins bars and shakes are great when I am on the go or when I need to indulge my sweet tooth – but without the guilt! If I am at home, I love an afternoon snack of capsicum and carrot sticks with tzatziki; cheese and celery sticks; or some berries and natural yoghurt.

How do you stay motivated to lose weight?
My top tips to stay motivated, especially around the festive season, are:

  • Focus on health as the priority – by creating a healthier lifestyle through better diet and exercise any unwanted weight will naturally drop off. This is a little tricky during the festive season I know, but just do your best and try and avoid the pasties and cake.
  • Get family and friends on board
  • Break your goal down into smaller milestones, and set yourself rewards for reaching each target – I like treating myself to a new pair of pants I could only dream about fitting into before I started on New Atkins.

What is your signature dish?
A favourite at the moment is the Cajun chicken salad – an easy-to-make recipe and very yummy which makes it perfect for busy people – and us mums!

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