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April 19, 2005

Film Reviews

Three Dollars
Based on the Elliot Perlman best seller by the same name, Three Dollars is a story about love, life and survival. Eddie (David Wenham) is a 38 year old who seems to have everything in order. He has a great marriage with Tanya (Francis O?Connor), a cute daughter and a job as a chemical engineer that he seems to be passionate about. Three Dollars follows the life he has led and what lead him to his current situation, including his childhood sweetheart Amanda (Sarah Wynter). It then shows us the demise of this life ? him losing his job due to a moralistic stance, his wife losing her job and her descent into depression and how he manages to end up with only three dollars to his name. The film is a definite improvement on other Australian flicks of late, however is far from being good enough to single-handedly boost a flailing industry. The story is an interesting one but its passage to film is poor. The screenwriter tries to incorporate too many issues from the book into the film resulting in few themes being resolved and an altogether confusing journey. The performances are on the most part talented; however using Sarah Wynter as pulling power seems ludicrous considering her very unbelievable Australian accent (despite it being her native tongue) and very ordinary performance.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
The first Miss Congeniality was one of those rare chick flicks that your boyfriend/husband/brother would actually not mind watching. More than one of my girlfriends have said their boys grudgingly admitted the film was ?better than they expected?. Unfortunately this isn?t so with Miss Congeniality 2. My date almost ran screaming from the theatre about 20 minutes into the film. However, despite his negative critique, I loved the film! We follow Grace Hart as she tries to fit back into the FBI. She soon realises her notoriety from the Miss United States Pageant has restricted her undercover work to a point where she needs to find a new role. She becomes the face of the FBI and spends the next year dolled up in preppy outfits, talking on chat shows and acting like a human barbie for the FBI. When her friend, Miss United States Cheryl is kidnapped, Grace?s intelligence snaps back into place and she does everything she can to solve the case. Although this film isn?t as good as the first (it is a sequel after all?), it is entertaining and great for a girly giggle.

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