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How to Find the Perfect Blazer

How to Find the Perfect Blazer

Not a massive fan of the humble cardigan here. I know, I know, they are good for the office when the air-con is too high, and they cover the tops of your arms when you wear a sleeveless top.   But have you even considered a blazer can do all these things, plus make you look super-stylish and sophisticated?   I have a cupboard in my house just for my blazers – I love them. They sharpen your look,  give you shape through the waist, and if left undone, they create a flattering vertical shape down your body.   Here are a few things to think about when buying a blazer.

Start with black
I know this sounds boring, but trust me, you will get much more wear out of that black blazer that goes with everything, rather than that awesome gold-sequinned number that you saw on

A black blazer plus a black pair of tights and ankle boots could pretty much be your trans-seasonal uniform. Just swap the dress every day and you’re good to go.

Fit is key
Since you are going to take my advice from tip number one and buy a black blazer first, you are going to wear it a lot. So best get one that fits you really well!  My biggest tip for a good fit is to buy a blazer that fits you across the back, not around your bust. Rarely do you do a blazer up. So chances are, when you buy it to do up, it will be too big across your back and around your waist.

Also look for a blazer that has some shape in it – this will be in the form of panelling in the back (look for vertical seams, as opposed to just one or two pieces of fabric), darts in the front to fit over a bust, or a peplum is always a key to good shape.

Fabric is king
Along with finding a good fit, fabric choice is essential. You want to look for a fabric that has a little stretch in it so it’s comfy to wear, as well as a fabric that won’t pill or stretch out of shape.   Look for a viscose blend – it will have great drape and be light and easy to wear. Remember, you are going to get a lot of wear out of your blazer so spend a little more on a good quality blazer and it will serve you well for years.

My top spots for finding a good blazer? Try Portmans and Cue for great fits for curves, Country Road and Witchery if you are tall and Trelise Cooper Boardroom if you want exceptional fit and quality.

Are you a blazer, jacket or cardigan kind of gal?

Caitlin Harrison is an Aussie blogger, personal stylist (and self-confessed shoe addict) living in Auckland. She started her fashion and beauty blog, Chasing Cait, in 2011, when her partner (known on the blog as The Boy) told her to stop talking about style and write it down. With over 10 years in the fashion industry under her belt, Caitlin has become an expert in helping women find their own sense of style, and in particular, dressing for their body shape. Chasing Cait is written in a way that makes fashion and style seem easy to the everyday woman, no matter what your personal style, bank balance, or lifestyle.

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