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July 28, 2009

He’s hot, nice and not too bad in bed but is he your soul mate? Astrologer Mark Husson helps you work out who should be with you thanks to the stars and his book “LoveScopes: What Astrology Knows about You and the Ones You Love”.

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Want loyalty?

If you’re someone who longs for everlasting loyalty, you might want to be with a Taurus. If you’re not so into commitment in the first place, you may be better suited for someone who is a littler looser about it, like a Gemini.

Dating a Cancerian?

Your Cancer partner is a bit of a worrywart. They are afraid to get hurt which is why it may feel like they are trying to control you. But that’s what they do to feel safe.

What turns a Leo on?

Adoration, optimism and romance.

What makes Libras attractive?

Libras have the ability to see the good in anyone. They also have an eye for beauty, a sense of fairness and have the ability to make you feel good about yourself. They are best matched with Aquarians and Sagittarians.

Why do Taureans and Virgos get along so well?

The fastidious Virgos and the sensual, materialistic Taureans are a match made in heaven. Bulls are accepting, and Virgins love that. They both share an extreme attention to detail and are equally passionate in the bedroom!

So who is (or isn’t) the right match for me?

Mark Husson also provides a LoveScope, or a love rating, based on a 1-10 scale for some possible pairings—a quick way to evaluate the success of an entire relationship. The lower the score, the more challenges you face as a couple. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of them:

Aries + Sagittarius 6.3

Taurus + Capricorn 8.9

Gemini + Pisces 3.5

Cancer + Scorpio 9.4

Leo + Leo 8.8

Virgo + Libra 4.9

Libra + Aries 7.8

Scorpio + Taurus 8.8

Sagittarius + Capricorn 5.1

Capricorn + Pisces 8.2

Aquarius + Gemini 7.8

Pisces + Scorpio 9.1

For more love by the stars check out “LoveScopes: What Astrology Knows about You and the Ones You Love” by Mark S. Husson ($24.95, Hay House). Available in September, 2009.

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