5 First Date Tips

October 22, 2013

First dates are nervous. That’s no lie.  However, with some dating help, you can totally get back into the dating scene without having a meltdown beforehand. Dating is supposed to be enjoyable, so relax. Breathe. Follow these dating tips that will get you through the butterflies of the first date and if you like them, hopefully a second date!

Dress appropriately
The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to wear. Dress for the date: if you go to a movie wearing a little black dress and sky-high stilettos, you may give off the wrong impression (high maintenance, much?). Look amazing but dress for whatever it is that you’ve planned for the date.

Be decisive
There is nothing worse than having a date with someone who can’t make a decision.  You may believe that leaving decisions up to the other person is polite or flattering, but being completely indecisive can work against you when it comes to the first date (and beyond). Take action and take control. If there are some options for activities handed to you, pick one! It will save the hassle of going back and forth asking, “Well, I don’t know…what do you want to do?”

Tell him about you – and listen
The conversion throughout the date should be equal. Let him tell you about himself, and you do the same. Don’t only throw a ton of questions at him like he’s being interrogated. Let him know what you are all about as well. Be gregarious and charismatic and share funny stories. Be honest but remember to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

The bill
Oh, that moment when the bill comes. Are they going to pay for it? Should you? What if we go splits? Seems like everyone has an opinion (just read the comments in our recent article Who Should Pay on the First Date?). Stop the questions buzzing through your head and handle the bill gracefully. Either allow him to pay, or suggest paying and gracefully accept when he does. Don’t argue with him and simply say thank you. If he doesn’t pay for it, split the bill and pay for half.

The next day
After the first date, the worst thing that you can do is blow up his phone with text messages and phone calls. Let him come to you. There is nothing sexy about being classified as a “Stage 5 Clinger”.  If a man is interested, they will get in touch with you. If he didn’t have fun, move on to the next and don’t worry about reaching out to him.

What’s your best first date advice?

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