The Fitness Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of

April Davis

Everything from over-doing the cardio to skipping your post-workout protein snack is screwing up your chances of being bikini ready by summer.

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If you’re taking it easy on the weights because you’re scared of looking butch, or you’re working your abs until your blue in the face, you might not be getting the most of your rigorous exercise regimen.

Our Instagram posts might make us look like experts, but in reality when it comes to fitness, we’re pretty good at screwing up. But don’t worry we’ve got your back! Here, we look at some of the fitness mistakes we’re all guilty of.

Excessive cardio

Spending hours on the treadmill or your exercise bike might shed some calories, but it won’t help you gain muscle mass. All those perfect bodies plastered across the Internet of fit and attractive women, are bodies that combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) with weight training. Contrary to what our mothers might believe, weight training isn’t just for men. Lifting weights helps to build lean muscle and tones your fat. While doing excessive cardio won’t help you gain muscle mass, or alter the shape of your body.

Being a eat-aholic

Have you ever heard the saying, you can’t outrun a bad diet? Well it’s true! No amount of exercise will counteract the effects of a diet filled with sugar, fat, and excessive carbs.

Going steady with your workout routine

Your fitness regimen isn’t a long-term boyfriend, rather it’s like your latest Netflix obsession, it should be constantly changing. Doing three reps of 15 squats may work wonders to begin with, but give it three-months and despite all the squats, your ass will probably be looking pretty ordinary. Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy, you need to be challenging yourself and stepping up your game with each workout.

In saying that, however, don’t do squats for a week and then ditch them entirely, you need to stick with a workout plan long enough to reap the benefits, then you can up the anti or try something different.

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Being a workout s*#t

Your body needs rest!! We cannot stress how important recovery is for your body. More doesn’t necessarily mean better, it may be a cliché, but quality over quantity ladies! Take the weekend off, or aim for one day on, one day off. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, just do it! If you force your body to work out when its exhausted, you’ll do more harm than good. Your muscles need time to repair themselves so they can grow stronger, and it’s your job to let them.

You might be surprised by how good your body is at telling you what’s going on. When it’s sore and needs rest, you’ll know. Likewise, when it’s energised and ready to go, or something’s too easy, it will know. So just go with the flow.

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