Fitness Tips: 3 Exercises to Get Toned Arms

March 14, 2014
, easy-to-do arm exercises

Ever since Michelle Obama started rocking strong, sculpted arms (at 50!) it’s time for all of us to work on this overlooked part of our bodies. In just a few minutes a day, before work, or while dinner is cooking, you can give your lovely limbs a tune-up with these three, easy-to-do fitness exercises that will have you seeing satisfying results in no time.

Arms Circles:

Perhaps the most basic move you can do, this equipment-free exercise is great for beginners and gym rats alike. Even better, this single move tones the shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps all in one fell swoop. To start your arm circles, simply stand up tall with your legs hip’s distance apart. Extend your arms out at shoulder height on either side as if creating a big letter “T.” Maintaining this position, rotate your arms forward creating small circles. Complete about three sets of 20 reps before switching directions and doing the same number of little backwards circles. You’ll definitely feel the burn so take mini breaks between reps as needed but be sure to get right back in the motion and push through it. If it helps, feel free to alternate between rounds of forward and backward arm circles.

Flare Curls with Pulses:

Target biceps and forearms with a variation on a flare curl. Perform the move at the house or gym with 5 pound weights or in the break room with water bottles, cans, hefty budget reports, or anything else you can get your hands on. Again, take your standing position with your feet hip’s distance apart. Arms should be slightly bent and out to the side creating two, 90 degree angles. Move arms up to form a 45 degree angle and lower all the way back down to complete one rep. Do 10 full reps before going into the pulses. Here, your arms start and end in the 45 degree angle position, quickly raising the dumbbell or weight substitute only a couple inches each time for a total of 10 reps. Complete three sets of 10 full and 10 pulse flare curls.

Tricep Dips:

Get down and dirty with a park bench, train seat, or desk chair with another anytime, anywhere exercise. The tricep dips focus on your chest, shoulders, and, of course, the triceps where unwelcome jiggle seems to cling. First, sit down on your seat of choice and position your hands about shoulder-width apart with hands facing forward at its edge. Next, slide off the surface and extend your legs straight out in front of you and point your feet up towards the sky. Your arms should be straight without totally locking out and shoulders away from your ears as you support yourself. Next, slowly bend your elbows as your lower your body towards the ground. Never making contact with the floor, bring yourself a few inches above before straightening your elbows to raise your body back into the starting position. Aim for three slow and steady sets of about 15 to 20 repetitions.

What are your favourite arm exercises?

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