Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids

February 8, 2015
Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids

Choosing the one standard dress for a group of bridesmaids with different body shapes isn’t an ideal situation for any bride before her wedding day.

Rather than shortening hems, using an unlimited amount of double-sided tape, or getting a dress tailor-made, choose from a gown which is sure to suit all the girls in your bridal party.

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Stick to a figure-hugging dress which doesn’t come with layer-upon-layer of fabric along the front, back, or sides. This could only look overwhelming on a petite frame, and it’s actually best to keep the silhouette simple.

Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids


Choose a dress which cinches in at the middle, since it creates the illusion of a slim waistline. Pleated gowns look amazing on this figure, since they hug the hips, and accentuate key areas without feeling too overwhelming.

Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids


Create the illusion of curves with a dress which highlights your waistline, and is filled with lots of tulle and layers on the lower half. A peplum style is perfect for creating a curvy waistline and hips.

Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids


Enhance your chest with a gown that draws particular attention to the neckline. A halter-neck dress is fantastic because it keeps everything in place, and won’t feel like it’s loose on your body.

Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids


Also known as an hourglass body shape, there are many different ways to comfortably flatter your body as a bridesmaid. Choose a strapless, sweetheart dress which is tailored around the bust, and fits like a glove around your waist. A corset is another flattering design which suits a pear-shape, since it draws attention to the upper-half of the body.

Flattering Dresses For All Bridesmaids

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