Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

July 31, 2014

Having the correct eyebrows can make the world of difference to change not only your look, but the entire structure of your face. Common mistakes which women usually make are over-plucking their brows, which can make the face look older and less structured. Take the following tips into consideration to achieve flawless brows for your face. 

Square face

Keep your eyebrows looking big and beautiful if you have a square face. The best way to achieve this low maintenance look is by waxing or threading. Threading defines the brow, and gives a natural shape without looking too put together.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face


Round face

A round face works best with an arched eyebrow, since it gives the face some artificial definition. An arched brow helps to elongate the face, especially with a touch of highlighter on the brow bone. Tweeze any stray hairs which could compromise this look, especially if you already have a structured foundation to work with.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Long face

Straight eyebrows are best if you have a long face, since they take the focus away from the chin. Don’t over-draw these brows since they can only make the brows feel artificial – it is best to stick with a natural look. Create a low arch which will help to soften the entire face.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Heart-shaped face

Keep brows soft and subtle with a bit of natural hair, and a soft arch which won’t take the attention from the sweet, heart-shaped facial structure. Comb through brows and use a styling gel to keep them looking clean and crisp.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Oval face

You’re certainly in luck if you have an oval face! This structure is well-known to handle most brow shapes, so you have a large selection at hand. Whether you like a soft arch, high arch or a defined look, all of these brows will suit your face.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Images via June Johnson, Daily Makeover

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