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How To Flawlessly Apply Illuminator

How To Flawlessly Apply Illuminator

how to apply illuminator

Illuminator is just one of those products which isn’t an essential in your makeup kit, but can make a difference when applied properly.

Just as you would with a highlighter, illuminators are used to emphasise light, and create the illusion of a chiseled face. Use on the cupids bow, cheekbones, and even mix into your foundation for a subtle glow.

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Dab a bit of product into your fingers, and carefully massage onto the centre of your forehead. Remember to use as little as possible, since less is always more with this look! Create an upside down triangle to bring dimension to the face, and blend well into the bridge of your nose to create extra depth.

Keep it simple by applying after your foundation, or mix a tiny amount into your foundation brush and blend into the skin.

Brow bone

A touch of illuminator on the brow bone is perfect for opening the eyes, and creating a soft glow. Wear a shimmery eyeshadow to keep consistent with the overall look.


Apply a cream illuminator onto the middle of your nose to make it look straight and slim. When contouring, use a bronze illuminator and work it into the bridge of your nose, then blend well with a small contouring brush.

How To Flawlessly Apply Illuminator


The best and easiest place to apply illuminator is on the very top of your cheeks. This is helpful since it really plays with the light, and creates the illusion of prominent cheekbones.

Cupids bow

Use any leftover product and gently pat it over your cupids bow after you’ve applied lipstick or liner. Blend it into your lip product for a sun-kissed glow, and bigger lips!


Accentuate the chin by applying some illuminator onto the bottom of your lips. This is ideal if you want to contour your face but don’t have enough time to use a bronzer and illuminator. It also creates the illusion of full, juicy lips.


Use any extra illuminator on your legs in lieu of shimmer, to give the illusion of toned and tanned limbs. Use on your calves and upper thighs, but remember to blend in well with your moisturiser for a subtle look.

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