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November 4, 2003

Flirting and break-ups – everything you need
The Street Guide To Flirting

By Andrew Bryant & Michelle Lia Lewis

Allen and Unwin

RRP $19.95

If you thought this was a fun little book with a tongue-in-cheek look at the age old skills and techniques of flirting then you will be sadly mistaken. This is a serious book written by two professionals that seriously know how to flirt successfully and use it to get what they want from life. Andrew Bryant is a well-qualified flirting practitioner and runs flirting workshops in Sydney. Michelle has worked in a very successful introduction agency for over ten years so between them these two sure know how to let you in on all the secrets of flirting.

According to The Street Guide to Flirting “A good flirt knows how to make anyone around them feel good and a that’s a powerful skill”. Some key points the book makes is that flirting is not just about dating but it is a skill that can be useful in our everyday life to enhance our communication and to enjoy ourselves. According to The Street Guide to Flirting” – If it isn’t fun, it isn’t flirting!

Test your flirting prowess with quizzes like “So how do you feel about flirting?” or “Are you a looker, listener or feeler?” There are also handy hints on marketing yourself, getting noticed, business and workplace flirting, and not forgetting twenty one ways to body flirt! Buy it for a girlfriend for Christmas and you never know, you might help her meet the love of her life by flirting!

Girlosophy – The Breakup Survival Kit

By Anthea Paul

Allen and Unwin


This little book is a must have if you are broken hearted from the loss of a relationship whether that be a physical relationship or friendship. Anthea Paul’s Girlosophy – The Breakup Survival Kit is full of helpful hints, positive affirmations, explanations for why you feel so bad and strategies to help you survive this hurtful time. Chapters include: ‘How to look after yourself’, ‘Clear your head’ and ‘Find forgiveness.’

Anthea Paul’s advice helps you to not only get through a painful breakup but to grow and learn from the experience. Through the use of practical advice and suggestions Anthea Paul guides the reader from the depths of despair to the hope and fulfillment of the future in the quickest amount of time.

If you have tried everything to get a friend out of the clutches of heartbreak and no amount of TLC, wine or Tim-Tams has helped then maybe it is time to give her a copy of this book!

The Between Boyfriends Book

By Cindy Chupack

Allen and Unwin


Finally an hilarious self-help book for single chicks, this time from one of the writers of Sex in the City! It’s humorous and has a distinctly SITC feel to it! Warning – you might need to sit down with a glass of wine somewhere quiet to read this red velvet covered little gem, as you may feel the need to laugh out loud whilst reading this book. Cindy Chupack makes single girls laugh at their singledom and realise that the best way to survive dating these days is with a good measure of humour. Smug, paired-off readers can benefit from reading this book too, as they are reminded of how lucky they are not to be out in the jungle of dating again!

Some of our favourites bits:

Sexual Sorbet– The first person you sleep with after a breakup; a palate cleanser to remove the taste of a failed relationship.

‘The Hey Baby’ Weight – The Weight you have to be in order to date again and to have random men on the street call out, ‘Hey Baby…’

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