Food Cravings: What You Really Need Instead

April 24, 2015
Food Cravings: What You Really Need Instead

While it’s often easier to reach for a packet of chips or chocolate bar when we’re feeling a sugar rush, it doesn’t mean that it’s the healthiest alternative. So have you ever stopped to consider what these cravings actually mean?

Read through our guide below which breaks down common cravings and instead suggests some healthier alternatives, which are just as good (and kinder to your waistline).

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What your body needs: Magnesium

Substitute the chocolate for a handful of almonds, legumes and some sweet pieces of fruit such as a peach or nectarine.

Soft drinks

What your body needs: Calcium

Swap a can of lemonade with a glass of water and a handful or nuts or legumes.


What your body needs: Nitrogen

Save the bread and pasta for another day and snack on foods which are high in protein such as meat, fish, and nuts. This will keep your body feeling full and won’t cause you to snack right after.


What your body needs: Silicon, tyrosine

Snack on a handful of nuts, a fruit salad, or crunch green vegetables the next time you have a craving for a cigarette.

Oily food

What your body needs: Calcium

Don’t indulge in something dripping with oil the next time you’re hungry. Swap it for leafy green vegetables, light cheese and a spring salad to keep your body feeling light.


What your body needs: Chromium, carbon phosphorus, sulphur, trytophan

Replace anything artificially sweet and sugary with lean meant, green vegetables and eggs, which have the same effect on your body – only healthier!


What your body needs: Phosphorus, Sulphur, Iron

Don’t even entertain the idea of more coffee without snacking on legumes, vegetables and other foods which are high in protein.


What your body needs: Protein, glutamine, potassium

Make yourself a green juice (heavy on the spinach and kale), to deter any chance of a boozy night. The heavy greens will not only detox your body, but keep you full and energised the natural way.

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