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Forget Standard Meal Kits, THIS Service Does Things Differently

Forget Standard Meal Kits, THIS Service Does Things Differently

They’ve really thought of everything…

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything.

By the time you’ve finished work, run errands, called the people you need to call, made a list of groceries, finished the groceries, cooked dinner, exercised and eaten dinner – well, you’ve lost the whole day. And then, around the holidays, things get even busier and more hectic than ever.

It’s times like these we tend to turn to takeaway for convenience. And while I love chowing down on a large cheese pizza and some garlic bread as much as the next gal, I don’t really want to eat that for every meal. It’s too expensive, and not particularly the most nutritious choice.

The answer to a lack of time and way to avoid expensive and unhealthy takeaway is meal kit services. Taking off in popularity in the last few years, meal kits are fantastic because they usually handle the shopping and sometimes even the preparing and cooking part of dinner.

Chefgood is the perfect meal delivery service for someone with a severe lack of time on their hands because they send fully prepared, good-for-you, restaurant-style meals to your door each week.

They’ve really thought of everything that makes them stand out from the other meal kit services…

No mass production here

With Chefgood, you’re never going to open your delivery box and see unappealing, bland, mass-produced food that tastes like it was made in a big factory. The service has a team of real chefs – as well as nutritionists – who create every meal with top produce and fresh ingredients. They can do this because of their tight weekly schedule. Orders are all in by Monday night with a strict cut off (there’s even a timer on their website) so the chefs can order exactly the right amount of ingredients to make all of the meals for that week before sending them out, super fresh, so they last up to 10 days.

The week-to-week schedule also means they can offer a “friendly subscription service”, which means there is no lock-in contract or hidden cancellation fees. As long as you pause or stop your subscription by the cut-off time on Monday, you won’t be billed. It’s always a positive when companies understand that life is messy, complicated and ever-changing, and people appreciate the convenience of being able to pause cancel or come back to services like Chefgood at any time.

So many choices

While standard meal delivery services usually give options for vegetarian or standard meals, and usually a single or family option, Chefgood has taken a few extra steps to give the most options possible.

Instead of just plant-based or plant-and-meat-based boxes, Chefgood offers plans based on your lifestyle; you can order their “Slim & Trim” box if smaller meal sizes are what you’re looking for, or their “Train & Tone” box, which has larger meals. They also offer a vegetarian box, or you can mix-and-match all three to put together the perfect weekly meals for you. Think butter chicken, spinach and chickpea curry, and garlic basil fish with broccoli and green beans. Maybe you’re in the mood for comfort food? Well, the spiced lentil and vegetable ragu is the perfect belly-warmer.

To really set yourself up for the week, you can add the breakfast pack for mornings to be taken care of and they also provide a snack pack option, with snacks from carrot sticks and hummus – simple, but so good – to the more indulgent coconut and yogurt panna cotta.

They have many gluten-free, vegan, keto and paleo meals, so while there might not be enough options each week to make your box completely vegan, for example, you could include a couple of vegan options to your box to try to reduce your animal product intake, try something new and different, or see if going fully vegan is something you’d be keen to do.  They also offer meal plans that work with the fitness program, F45 training, so it’s a great option for people who want to stick to that program.

And, because their meals are made so fresh, most of them can be frozen once they arrive – another point for convenience. You’re not locked in saying no to a dinner date on Friday night or wasting that evening’s Chefgood meal – just pop it in the freezer when you get home and eat it later. They understand the reality of our busy lives and have tried to give options to suit everyone and every lifestyle.

With fresh, high-quality and delicious meals to boot, it’s definitely one to try out.

Featured image via Chefgood.

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