Frat Boys Played ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ To Decide Who’d Rape Girl At Party First

Nadia Bokody

It’s alleged other fraternity members stood outside the room and did nothing to intervene.

When 19 year-old Jane Jones* passed out at a frat party in November, 2014 after having too much to drink, she thought she’d be safe. Jones was wrong.

Instead, four male fraternity members took it in turns to rape the unconscious teen, after laying her out on a bed at the party.

It’s alleged that the four men, along with one woman, who are now former Ramapo College students, premeditated the crime, with one frat brother luring the victim to the Pi Kappa Alpha house where their ‘Date Night’ party was taking place, knocking on her dorm door and convincing her to attend.

Once the group had succeeded in getting Jones drunk and carried her unconscious body to a bedroom, the same frat member initiated a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ with the other members allegedly involved, in order to determine who would rape Jones first.

While the gang rape was taking place, it’s alleged other fraternity members stood outside the room and did nothing to intervene. These individuals are now facing serious charges, along with the group indicted with the sexual assaults.

According to reports, the assaults carried on for some time; after the first set of alleged attacks, the still-unconscious victim was carried back to her dorm without her underwear and assaulted again. It’s additionally been alleged that, during the attacks, members of the gang rape group “were falling-down laughing hysterically while also videotaping the sexual assault”.

The defendants named in the rape case, which is currently in the middle of legal proceedings, are 18 year-old Nakeem D. Gardner, Justin Sommers and Christopher Rainone, 24 year-old Christian A. Lopez and 20 year-old woman, Jordyn Massood, who is charged with aiding the assault, though it’s still unclear at what point she became involved.

Ramapo College has declined to comment on the case.

*Actual name unknown.