Fresh faced beauty (con’t)

July 12, 2005

1. St Ives Apricot Radiance cream cleanser
The Swiss formula is oil free and contains one of the few ingredients that can help to clean inside your pores – Salicylic acid. As an oil soluble ingredient it gently breaks down the natural occurring oils in your pours, while the gentle micro beads help to remove and cleanse. The micro beads aren’t too abrasive so can be used daily but probably a scrub would be required to get a really thorough clean.
RRP $9.99 Stockists: 02 8264 5400

2. Botanics of Australia ? Kakadu Plum
Kakadu Plum is said to have the highest concentration of vitamin C of any know plant. This is a very gentle Anti-Oxidant Foaming Cleanser removes makeup with ease and isn?t irritating to eyes. The pump dispenser turns the clear liquid to a foam and feels refreshing on the face. Unless you have very dry skin, the Kakadu Plum Antioxidant Daily Moisturiser is best as a night cream. This moisturiser is extremely lush and creamy and feels like it leaves a slight oily residue on the skin and is heavily fragranced. No visible difference to the skin, but certainly a nice product to use.
RRP Foaming Cleanser $12.95, Moisturiser 14.95 Stockists: 03 9580 2755

3. Nivea Visage Beauty regime
The Nivea Visage range is usually light and very effective for sensitive skin. Remove eye make up easily without scrubbing or rubbing too hard with the Extra Gentle Eye Make up Remover. The best thing is that it is oil free and designed for those of us with sensitive eyes. Cleansing is a breeze with the moisturising micro beads found in the Gentle Cleansing Cr?me Wash. The revitalising Aloe Vera and Chamomile ingredients are also found in the Refreshing Toner. This Nivea product is great for refreshing and invigorating your skin after a busy day, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. The fact it is alcohol free prevents the toner from stripping away the skin?s precious moisture.
RRP Eye Makeup Remover $7.90, Cr?me Wash $8.95, Toner $7.90

4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser
This Clinique moisturiser is a bit of an institution. It?s a very lightweight, pale yellow coloured lotion that is ideal for any type of skin. It manages to duplicate the exact oil and water balance that naturally occurs in healthy looking skin, so the moisturiser can be tailored to meet the needs to each skin type.
RRP $69.00 Stockists: 1800 061 326

5. Blooms Botanical Skincare Range
This range is designed to protect and care for your skin as naturally as possible. Bloom uses a special combination of oils to purify, soothe, hydrate and rejuvenate weary, 9 – 5 skin. The Purifying Cleansing Milk feels lovely against the skin although isn?t very effective in removing all makeup but the Soothing Rosewater Toner works hard to remove all trace impurities. All products in the range are scented using Blooms trademark essential oils, guided by the principles of aromatherapy. High on natural ingredients, these products will provide a fragrant and nourishing skincare solution.
RRP Purifying Cleansing Milk $22, Soothing Rosewater Toner $20 Stockists: 03 9421 0200

6. Nutrimetics
Always a big fan of yummy smelling bath care. The Fruity Fig Foam Fresh Cleanser Toner has a name that says it all ? a bouquet of natural botanical and fruit extracts will surround you when you try out this cleanser. It comes in a pump pack so foams easily and makes your skin feel fresh and clean. The Nutri-moist Intense moisturiser is light and feels lovely on the skin. It?s enriched with natural botanical oils and is great as a night cream or for people with dryer skin.
RRP Nutri-Moist $47, Cleanser Toner $34

7. Henry Paul Crystal Moisturising Essence
The manufacturer claims that components of Henry Paul products are collected from the mountain regions of China and are ecologically pure, although after searching the website I could not find a list of ingredients. This is not so much a moisturizing lotion or cream but almost like a serum which has a slightly ?slimy? consistency similar to personal lubricant. Absorbs well in the skin but not great difference to skin?s appearance, feel or fine lines.

8. A?Kin Normal Dry and Sensitive Skin Care Range
A?kin?s range really delivers what it promises. The Rose and Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser and Toner in One revived and freshened and the Rose de Mai Anti-Oxidant Day Cr?me quenched the skin. The difference lies in its uniquely high concentration of special nourishing and other active botanical ingredients – using only those scientifically proven to be of most benefit to the skin. The result is exquisitely fragranced (Rose, Geranium, Orange Blossom, Chamomile, Lavender – yum!), naturally based, ingredient-rich products for radiantly healthy skin.
RRP Rose & Geranium, Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in One (Normal ? Dry) $25, Rose De Mai, Anti-oxidant Day Creme (All skin types) $35
Stockists: 1800 631 283

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