Fresh faced beauty – masks & scrubs (con’t)

July 26, 2005

1. Olay Total Effects Serum
This is one product definitely worth trying. This lightly scented serum goes on smoothly and lightly letting your skin feel like it has just had a facial. Wear it twice a day, morning and night under your moisturiser or just by itself and you will seriously notice a difference in a couple of weeks. Fine lines around your eyes seems to be less noticeable and your skin just feels healthier! One of the best new products on the market!
RRP $32.95 Stockists: 1800 028 280

2. SK11 Facial Treatment Mask
This mask feels so delicate and cool on your skin. It contains 30ml of Pitera (a natural collection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids) which enriches the skin with moisture. Apply first to the nose then spread over your face using fingertips. Leave on for 10 ? 15 minutes then remove. It will feel like a quick facial ? a perfect pick me up!
RRP Single sachet $25 or $132 for a box of 6. Myer and David Jones stores

3. Heritage Healers Wattle Husk Peel
This is a wonderful soft exfoliant that can easily be used several times a week. The wattle husk particles are soft and the purifying clay base removes dead skin cells. The Australian wildflower essences provide a beautiful scent and you instantly feel the product cleansing the skin and leaving a polished appearance.
RRP $46.00

4. Lalisse Exfoliating Peel-Off Masque
This has a thick and creamy texture that is a bit like covering your face in creamed honey! This product is great as it dries clear, doesn?t have an overpowering scent and is easy to remove by simply peeling off in one whole piece. Make sure you apply this mask a few days before an important event as occasionally it will clear out remaining oil in the skin in the form of a few blemishes.
RRP $24.95

5. Palmers Skin Success ? Eventone Brightening Facial Mask
This is great for a quick mask but don?t expect it to set hard like some others on the market. Very gentle on your face and great dry or sensitive skin, and has little or no scent so is easy to leave on for 15-20mins for full effect.
RRP $11.95

6. Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant
Amazing ? the best word to use to describe this gentle facial cleanser! A rich creamy texture, this exfoliant not only smells delicious but it also leaves your skin feeling so clean you will feel like you have just had a facial! The use of rosehip and sweet almond oil, as well as evening primrose oil and macadamia nut oil helps soften and hydrate your skin, while the use of camellia, calendula and lavender extracts just add to the soothing nature of this divine product!
RRP $34.95

7. Elizabeth Arden – Clear the Way Mask
This mask is thick and rich in texture although not that inviting in smell, as it is fragrance free. It’s great if you are in a hurry and don?t have time for a long mask treatment: apply to damp skin, gently massage in and leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off and you?re done! It it leaves your face feeling clean and fresh and is great for those with really sensitive skin as it’s oil free.
RRP $48

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