Friends with Benefits Part 2

March 15, 2005

Friends with Benefits Part 2

As for me, I?m now in a committed relationship which I wouldn?t give up for the world, but I cherished my Friend with Benefits experience. At that time of my life, it was a perfect way to get some faith in men, take control of my life and have a brilliant time in the process!

By Bliss Baker: Freelance Journalist and Friends with Benefits encourager

A book that might be of interest:

Be Honest — You’re Not That Into Him Either” Ian Kerner
Harper Collins

As a single woman I’m getting tired of books that say don’t call ? here are the rules ? how to act ? here’s how to play the game. Thankfully this book lets you take control and is a guide to being confident about being you.

?Be Honest — You’re Not That Into Him Either” by Ian Kerner could be seen as piggybacking on the success of “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. Good luck him for doing so, because he has some excellent ideas about women, men, relationships, and current dating patterns to share.

Kerner seems to have his finger on the pulse of today’s urban dating patterns and the difficulties posed. He writes and defends young women’s right to sexuality, yet also describes what happens for most women when they become sexually involved: the “attachment chemical” kicks in and they may start liking the guy whether they actually are attracted to him or not. I?m particularly fond of the point that you didn?t really like him until he dumped you. How many times have you had a few dates then come to the realisation you don?t actually want to see him again ? but he gets to dump before you ? suddenly you?re pining for him!

?He?s Just Not Into You? set a lot of women free from the anxiety of wondering why a guy hasn?t made contact. I didn?t feel the same empowering feeling from ?Be Honest — You’re Not That Into Him Either”. It is more about developing your own confidence and stop dating dud men just because you want to feel wanted or you can say ?at least I?ve got a date?.

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