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Frill Seekers

Frill Seekers

Whether it?s a reaction to the stark serious show of black on the Autumn/Winter catwalks, or an antidote to the prim Victorian influence that is everywhere this season, the message from the runways is clear: Romance Rules. Yves Saint Laurent embrace this Romany mood with models in delicate gypsy ruffles, while Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen all play with fashion?s softer, seductive side. Never one to miss a trend, Witchery has a fantastic range of soft cotton shirts with ruffled fronts in black, white, grey and stripes.

Pair your shirt with skinny cigarette pants and you have the perfect, effortlessly chic evening outfit. Dress it down with denim and you?ll find yourself in ?Relaxed Chic? territory. It doesn?t really matter how you wear it. The ruffled shirt proves that it is a must-have item by the fashion cognoscenti. No self-respecting style-o-phile would go without it, so go straight to for one right now! The message is clear girls, get frilled!She?s got legs!

Even though you have to rug up, wear layer after layer at the moment and do everything but show them, it

have to turn into the ape woman. Take ultra care of your legs and feet in winter-the hibernation will do them good. Soak them in creams and oils to get them ready for summer and every now and then show them. That is what fishnets are for. We all know that fishnets were the craze last winter, but this season they really are a wearable winter accessory. The textures are richer and the colours endless. Great teasers, fishnets worn with trusty blacks and browns create intriguing flashes of colour. The look will bring just the right amount of eccentric colour to your wardrobe. The ultimate in hosiery is Voodoo. They have a fabulous range of stockings, tights, pantyhose, anklets, trouser socks and the most beautiful lace range. Our pick for colour would have to be Voodoo African Violet and Coco. Available through David Jones/Grace Brothers

selected boutiques nationally.Saving Face

Skincare technology has advanced so far that the latest creams on the market claim they can cure all manner of ills and virtually leave us looking twenty-one forever. For years you put up with a face cream more out of habit than for the results it achieves. Then one day, you find yourself faced with a plethora of the latest top-notch creams, each boasting the fruits of revolutionary 21st century research. Rather than drowning in choice, here a few that we think might just be the winners:

Clinique Total Turnaround

If you have dull and tired, stressed skin this is the perfect jar for you. This product is more of a resurfacer than moisturiser. Rather than stripping away the top layers, it conditions skin to function properly and leaves it with a uniform thickness and a smooth, even surface.

Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Anti-Wrinkle Restructuring Cream

This is one of Chanel?s first major anti-ageing cream they have devised. It helps to prevent skin slackening, but it also works on other telltale signs of ageing, such as lines, dark spots and dryness. We love the massage creams it comes with. Apparently research shows that women who massage in cream, rather than merely applying it, are pleased with the results and physically and psychologically happier.

Lancome Absolute; Absolute Replenishing Cream

This is the only cream for you if you complain about very dry skin. It is a special product that helps stimulate the skin?s lipid production to combat dryness. It contains soya which boosts collagen and elastin production.

Nutrimetics Botanicals Aloe Hydragel

Dry skin? Then this is the product for you. The Botanicals range is an innovative skincare range, which is formulated by using botanical and real fruit extracts. This is a light, easily absorbed and refreshing facial moisturising gel, enriched with one of our favourite natural goodies ? Aloe Vera. This nurturing ingredient will soften and condition even the driest skin. Go to for further information.

L?Oreal Plenitude Activ Futur Cream

Girls on a budget swear by this range. Perfect for anyone aged between 20 and 35, it contains Vitamin E and a gentle exfoliator. This magic jar will protect and hydrate. L?Oreal claims the combination of Vitamin E and polyphenols gives at least 8 hours ?worth of hydration?. Well worth a try don?t you think?

Keep it clean

You?ve got the puffed sleeves, frilled shirt and petticoats ? now complete the look with simple, but subtle make-up that will make you look like a glowing, healthy maiden. Wearing white is a great excuse to pamper up. Go the old fashioned way with powder puffs. Dab on rose-scented oils, use facial blotting papers and indulge in a little boudoir bliss. Remember not to get too carried away-you don?t want to get over inspired and end up looking like one of those overly-coifed shop assistants in Alannah Hill. Ethereal is great, but it?s got to come naturally. Always keep in mind that Victorian-style clothes are very frilly and old-fashioned ? so when it comes to make-up, either, go bare or opt for sweet rouged lips and cheeks look. Simple is best. You don?t want to look like you?ve come in fancy dress. Here is what we suggest you go in search for:

Skin should look beautifully matte and utterly flawless, so check out Shiseido the ultimate Make Up Pressed Powder Compact. Don?t forget to add a dab of Loose Powder. Nothing beats Anna Sui for gorgeous packaging. Check out her black Loose Powder-the ultimate in china-girl chic.

Shiseido The Make Up Fine Eyeliner in Black is perfect for heavy eyes and Nars Lip Lacquer in Chastity is the best colour for subtle lips.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper in Clear is perfect for a clean look. Go to David Jones and Grace Brothers nationally.

Don?t forget to paint your fingernails with Nars Nail polish in Gimme Shelter. Go to


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