From ‘In A Relationship’ To ‘Single’

November 8, 2010

From ‘In A Relationship’ To ‘Single’

Apparently Mondays are the busiest days for break-ups, according to Facebook, and there’s more love lost just before Christmas than at any other time during the year. Beat the status update blues. Here’s 5 real-life ways to get over him fast.

Put away the phone

It’s too easy to text or call your ex – especially after a few cocktails – so put away that phone. There’s nothing more degrading than those post break-up calls. Erase his number, lock your phone in the boot while driving – out of sight, out of mind.


Getting fit will get your mind off him – and start the way to a new you. My friend Lucie joined a pilates class the week after breaking up from her seven year relationship, and lost all the weight she’d put on over those years, plus gained a lot more confidence from her new body.

Old habits, new habits

Break out of your old habits. If you used to spend Sundays in bed reading the papers, make Sunday the day you catch up with friends, visit a farmer’s market, bake cupcakes, or go to the movies.

Spring clean

A disorganised house means a disorganised mind…so it’s time to clear out your junk. I just helped a friend take eight boxes of books, clothes and kitchenware to the local charity shop following her break up. She filled her apartment with candles, replaced the old curtains and feels like she has a brand new home.

Plan ahead

Now is the time to focus on you, and what you want. Have you always wanted to travel? So book that trip. Learn Spanish? Enrol in the next term at your local community college. Buy your own property? Speak to your accountant today. Use the opportunity to shift the focus back on to your priorities.

How have you gotten over a breakup?

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