Frozen Fresh Fruit Smoothies

October 25, 2010

Frozen Fruit Yoghurt Smoothies

Use a cordless blender like the Braun Multiquick Cordless to zip through these healthy fruit smoothies.


350gms pureed fresh fruit with 1 tbsp of lemon juice

frozen into ice cube trays (14 cubes to a tray)

Bananas, Strawberries or Mango

Ingredients for one smoothie

3 cubes of frozen fruit

80g of frozen yoghurt ice-cream

200ml milk


Place the frozen fruit cubes, frozen yoghurt ice-cream and milk in the Braun Multiquick Cordless hand held mixing cup and puree until smooth.

Pour the fruit into tall glasses and add a straw. Place the blended fruit in an ice tray and freeze to use later.

Garnish with fresh fruit.

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