Full Fat VS Low Fat: Which Is Better For Health?

June 18, 2015
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There are always huge debates in the diet world as to whether you should be eating low-carb or high-carb, have more protein or be a vegetarian. But one such topic that really has me interested is full fat versus low fat for weight loss and health. Kourtney Kardashian, who has had three babies and looks incredible, has revealed that she consumes full fat everything – no fat reduced products make it into her diet.

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For years, women have been told to consume low fat products; low fat milk, cheese, yogurt, treats and butter. But with the rise of the protein based diet – which encourages full fat products – it’s sparked a debate on which is better for the body. So let’s put some products in the ring and let them box it out for the best.


Humans are the only animals on earth who consume milk past being an infant. It provides a great source of calcium for strong bones – and who doesn’t love milk on their cereal or with Milo? It’s been said that children are the only ones who need full fat milk and that adults should be drinking lite or skim milk to keep the weight off.

There is little research to suggest that low fat milk is better for weight loss. In terms of developing diabetes, there is no proof that low fat milk is going to protect you from the disease and it has also been discovered that those who drank full fat milk were less likely to be obese in the future compared to those who drank skim milk.

Verdict: Both whole and low fat milk provide the body with the calcium that it needs and neither one contains more sugar than the other. Calories do count though, and skim milk is going to have lower calories and fat than whole milk.

Margarine vs Butter

The butter and margarine debate gets me all fired up, mostly because I’m a butter fan. Margarine has been deemed better for lower cholesterol and heart health, but butter does contain some good fats that the body needs.

Margarine, usually made of canola, is an alternative to butter for weight loss and heart health. However, some research has shown that eating butter instead of margarine may contribute to weight loss and actually contains less trans fats and more protein than margarine.

Verdict: The Heart Foundation recommends margarine over butter for heart health and lower cholesterol, so while that still stands, we think margarine wins this round.

Peanut Butter, Other Spreads and Treats

Peanut butter and other spreads can come in low fat varieties that might have you reaching for them instead, but you should stick to the full fat versions. Many low fat versions tend to have added sugar, so it’s always best to read the label.

Verdict: Natural. Try to pick a natural peanut butter that will have less bad fats and more of the good, natural fats that your body is after.

Salad Dressing

When you’re eating your healthy salad, it can be a bit bland, so adding in a splash, drizzle or dollop of salad dressing usually crosses your mind. While low fat sounds enticing – and healthy – it can mean added salts and sugars to ensure that the taste works well.

Verdict: Stick to full fat – it’s better to have the full fat version then to have additives.

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