Fun Baby Announcement Ideas

July 18, 2014
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For most people, when they find out they are expecting a child they can’t wait to shout it from the rooftops. Generally, there are numerous phone calls made and text messages sent to spread the happy news, but if you want to do something different and announce your pregnancy in a way that will be totally different from anyone else, consider these clever photo announcement ideas below. They’re sure to get a great reaction!

  • Quite simply place a bread roll in your oven and take a photo with it inside. Most people will understand the concept of ‘bun in the oven’.
  • If you already have a child and they are still in a cot, create a sign that reads: Eviction Notice – Please vacate within 27 weeks to make way for new tenant due in December 2014.  Stick the note to the side of the cot and include your toddler in the photo!
  • Tie a ribbon around your waist and belly then attach a tag to the ribbon that reads: Do not open until December 2014.
  • Take a photo of a pair of you and your partner’s shoes, along with a pair of baby booties.  Create a sign and sit it next to the shoes that reads: We are expanding our home by two feet.
  • Write ‘baby’ on your belly and write ‘beer’ on your partner’s belly.  Take a photo of the two of you standing side by side with your bellies out.
  • If you have a dog create a sign that reads: My mum and dad are getting me a human then sit it next to him or hang it around his neck.
  • Create a yellow diamond shaped road sign that reads: Bump Ahead and have your photo taken next to it.
  • Create a movie-style poster with a photo of you and your partner, your names at the top, the title ‘New Baby’ and then ‘Coming This December’ at the bottom of the poster.
  • If you already have a child, create a sign that reads: I’ve been promoted to big brother/big sister and take a photo of them with the sign.
  • Take a photo of you hanging some baby clothes on the washing line.
  • Have your partner pose on the floor as if he has fainted and put the positive pregnancy test near his hand.

How did you announce your news to your friends and family?  Share the ideas below!

Image via thesweetestdigs.com

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