Original DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

December 8, 2014

Do you remember the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler give each other homemade gifts for their anniversary? While it sounds romantic and thoughtful, unless you have a knack for craft or carpentry, you will most likely end up producing a sock puppet or a mixed tape. SHESAID has some DIY Christmas gift ideas that are cute, fun and simple enough for the artistically challenged.

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Body scrub

Body scrub is easy to make in bulk, and would be a miracle for those buying for a large number of women this Christmas. Try this coffee and coconut body scrub recipe and package in a cute mason jar. Get crafty with cute labels or stickers to decorate the jars.

Coffee Body Scrub

World map/dream planner

For the friend who loves to travel, buy them a large map of the world and some small pins or stickers in two colors, and tell them to mark where they’ve been and where they wish to go. It’s not exactly handmade (unless you want to draw the map yourself!) but we bet your pal will enjoy reliving their worldly adventures and looking forward to their future travel plans. Added bonus: the map doubles as a cool conversation starter and wall hanging.

World Map


If you’re more cook than craftswoman, put your skills to use and offer everyone a piece of your homemade pie – or in this case, pudding! Gift wrap individual portions for cute and tasty Christmas party favors, or give a whole one to that special someone. Invest in some calico or muslin cloth to package your treats and fasten with a cute ribbon.

Christmas Pudding

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