Here’s How To Vacation With Your Fur Baby

January 14, 2018

Because some people have babies, and some of us have pooches.

It’s always been a gripe of mine, and something I often rant to the hubby about: why are annoying little children allowed everywhere, but my well-behaved fur baby isn’t?

Why can’t we take pets out to grab a puppccino? Why can’t we bring them to family functions to let them have a run of the yard (if I hear “Because he might scare the children” one more time, I’m going to scream bloody murder!)? Why can’t we take them on a mini-break?

Actually, it turns out we can do that last one, at only the most special hotels in the world – those that are run by animal lovers – and I was determined to give it a go.

I went into this experiment with as much of an open mind that I could muster. I say it that way because, well, anyone who follows me on Instagram is fully aware that my pug, Barney, is my happiness (sorry, hubby!), and I would spend every single second with him if I could.

So for every woman who chooses to have a fur baby over a human one, here’s everything you need to do to make pet holidays work.

1. Choose a hotel in a pet-friendly areaBarney Opera House La Renaissance

It may not look like it from the outside, but the interior of the Langham in Sydney radiates grandeur. Better yet, it’s located right by the Rocks district and is just a short walk from the famed Sydney Harbour Bridge. Barney, hubby and I strolled the streets without passersby stopping dead in their tracks, took photos at all of the important landmarks, and ended up at La Renaissance for an afternoon treat. There are no dog treats at this much-loved French café, so I caught Barney eyeing off my decadent, gluten-free tranche au chocolat – but I held strong because, well, chocolate is poisonous to dogs and also because I knew there would be a room-service feast waiting for him when we retired to our pet-friendly room.

2. Don’t be tight

Barney's dinner dog food holiday

This could be a once-in-a-lifetime getaway for your little one and, in this case, the more money you spend, the better off you’ll be. Ain’t no fleas in these rooms!

Barney was pretty excited to hear about the Pampered Pets Program back at the hotel, mainly because it meant he could dine on homemade beef steak with chunky vegetables and miso soup with rice, bento flakes and grilled fish. If you’re not keen on spending $20 (plus $7 for tray service) on a meal for your fur baby, pack some kibble – but I do recommend treating them to at least one chef-prepared meal. When will they get a treat like that again?

Another part of the service is supplied bedding. At first Barney rejected the idea of sleeping on The Langham’s signature pink pillow, but once he sat on it, he put his masculinity aside for a seriously decent sleep.

3. Make sure there’s on-site parking
The Langham Sydney hotel pet holiday
Ah, yes, another service that bans pets: public transport. To account for this, it’s advised you choose a pet-friendly hotel that has parking available on site (or is at least close to a parking station) – you are not going to want try to manage your luggage and an excited dog that wants to explore a new area at the same time.

The Langham offers valet parking – I wish I’d known this before I rocked up in my dusty Suzuki Swift that hasn’t been washed for, legit, like three years. So the second piece of advice to this point is that if you’re staying at a really classy establishment, give your car a wash beforehand to avoid embarrassment.

4. Figure out the sleeping situationHotel bedroom suite

Before booking, you’ll want to know whether your fur baby will be sleeping in the room with you or boarding elsewhere with other dogs. Choose the latter and you’ll almost definitely be stressing that they’ll be freaking out in a new environment without you. Choose the former and you’d better be confident in their toilet training skills.

5. Book yourself in for a spa treatmentHotel Spa treatment

What’s a mini-break without an indulgent pamper? If you’ve taken your partner on the getaway, that’s perfect – they can take your fur baby for a walk while you feel your troubles float away. If you’re riding solo on this endeavor, engage the services of a pet sitter; the Langham has one who’s available on request, as they prefer you to not leave animals in the room on their own.

After my hour-long relaxation massage, I ended up so relaxed that I walked back into the foyer in my white spa slippers. Bliss.

Featured image via pexels.com.

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