Gal’s Guide to the New iPhone 4G

June 8, 2010

Gal’s Guide to the New iPhone 4G

We’re all about the iPhone here at Shesaid HQ! This morning in San Francisco, Steve Jobs (the CEO of Apple) unveiled the latest model which will be hitting Australia in July and oh my, it is pretty.

So what’s it got that your current iPhone doesn’t? Here are our 5 main points of excitement.

• The popular fave of the new features is video calling, initially over the internet via any wi-fi connection but later, through a 3G cellular network. So what does this mean in plain language? The phone has a camera on the back and front, so you’ll be able to call your loved ones using face-to-face video image technology! Kind of like “The Jetsons”! (see image)

• The new phone is a Weight Watchers version of your old one! It’s slimmer (9.3mm) and made of a new material (aluminosilicate) that is 30 times harder than plastic and virtually un-scratchable. Amazing – now it can survive falling out of your handbag from any height.

• Increased battery life which means no more phone dying on long train/car/plane trips from too much Tetris-ing or texting.

• It can record HD video. Which means the video is in super fabulous quality.

• The display on the new phone is so sharp that even us girls who are usually seen squinting can easily make it out. It literally has the sharpest, vibrant highest resolution a phone screen has ever seen.

Now we’re just crossing our fingers that, come July, the phone plans aren’t going to cost us a million dollars. Otherwise we might just have to make do with our oversized, battery dying, scratched model!

Will you be getting an iPad? Couldn’t care less? Tell us what you think here!

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