Gel Nails At Home: Fact Vs Fiction

Julia Blanter

UV gel nails can be an asset to anyone’s beauty closet; they last longer, stay stronger and give an unbeatable finish. But common misconceptions about gel nails meant that some girls are hesitant to try them at home. When applied, maintained and removed correctly gel nails are perfectly safe, easy and quick.

Opallac founder, Ruby Serobian, outlines the top gel nail myths and the underlying truths:

1. Fiction: You need to ‘rough up’ nails to have gel stick

Fact: Never buff your nail before applying gels, this causes damage to the nail and means it’s much more likely that the removal will be difficult. All nail adhesives work best when nails are clean and dry.

2. Fiction: Gel nails don’t allow my nails to ‘breathe’ 

Fact: Nails don’t breathe – they are made up of around 100 layers of dead keratin. Dead is dead and they do not need to ‘rest’! To replenish nails, give them a good dose of cuticle oil or jojoba oil in between treatments – this will combat dryness.

3. Fiction: UV lamps are bad for your skin

Fact: The rays from a LED UV lamp, like the one Opallac uses, are no stronger than sitting under a florescent light like the one in your office. Also, the depth of the lamp means that your hands are not exposed so there is very minimal chance of any damage.

4. Fiction: Gel nails need to be scraped or filed off

Fact: Scraping and filing is really common in salons and a lot of people assume this is the only way to remove product. Scraping can be quite harmful and definitely not what we’d recommend. Use Opallac nail wraps to gently soak the nail (not the finger!) and the gel will simply peel off.

5. Fiction: There’s a real lack of gel nail colours

Fact: There are currently 25 colours in the Opallac range and we’re now launching 8 more! From blacks and greys to glitter and fluoro, there really is a lot of choice and it’s easy to mix and match and even do nail art.

Are you a fan of gel manicures?