8 Gender Neutral Beauty Products That Are Actually Amazing

October 16, 2018

Beauty products suitable for everyone, literally.

There are a lot of things in the beauty sphere that I don’t get — how one swipe of the right shade of lipstick can change me from looking zombie to human, the proliferation of unicorn makeup — but one thing that’s always been especially mind-boggling to me, is the obsession with gendered products.

Take a bottle of moisturizer, for example. Why do women get it packaged in pink, with flowers adorning the sides, while men get the same product in a steel gray bottle with the words ‘FOR MEN’ stamped across it, as if it was unclear if they could use it?

Thankfully, due to an increase in non-traditional beauty icons and makeup gurus dominating the  industry, we’re starting to see a shift toward more non-binary products (read: products that are designed for anyone to use, regardless of their gender identity). Here are eight amazing gender-neutral products I am personally living for…

1. Maison Margiela Replica Eau de Parfum in ‘FLYING’

What it is: Labeled as ‘gender anonymous’, this aromatic ‘trompe l’oeil’ is an airy citrusy cologne, and smells absolutely divine. With hints of musk, neroli blossoms, and ylang-ylang, this fresh, sunny scent is said to take you to ‘atmospheric new heights’. Though you might feel like you’re flying whilst wearing this cologne, wings, unfortunately, are not included.

How to use it: A spritz on your pulse points — on your neck, behind your ears, and on your wrists should be more than enough to keep you smelling amazing all day long. Buy it here.

2. Fluide Beauty Liquid Lipstick in ‘Rosemont’

What it is: Fluide Beauty not only delivers on a smooth, creamy formula that dries matte but also with colors that range from true reds and neon pinks to bright blues and blacks. On top of that, five percent of their profits go towards LGBTQ+ health and advocacy groups. A pigmented, paraben and cruelty-free liquid lipstick that doesn’t feel gloopy or sticky when you put it on? Sign me up, ASAP.

How to use it: Prepping is essential before applying any liquid lipstick, so make sure your lips are nice and moisturized before applying a swipe of color. Buy it here.

3. Panacea Skincare ‘Essentials Kit’

What it is:  If you’re like me and can sometimes be a little forgetful when it comes to skincare, then you’re in good hands. This collection that not only cleanses, but also replenishes and protects—everything you need for glowing skin. Carefully formulated in Korea, this gender-neutral kit ensures that your skincare is simple and effective, and is perfect for those who don’t have the luxury (or patience) for 10 step skincare routines.

How to use: Luckily for us, this essentials kit can be broken down into three easy steps: cleanse, using their sulfate-free cleansing foam, replenish with their lightweight moisturizer, and protect with their SPF25 sunscreen. Buy it here.

4. Non Gender Specific ‘Everything Serum’

What it is:  From breaking gender boundaries, to breaking down pores and hyperpigmentation, this serum targets, well, everything. Perfect for all skin-types, NGS’s formula contains grape seed oil, lavender extract, and vitamin E to deliver a radiant complexion—no matter what your skin concern is.

How to use: After cleansing and toning, apply a few drops to your skin and pat dry. Follow through with your normal routine and voila! Buy it here.

5. Jecca Makeup ‘Correct and Conceal’

What it is: Whether it’s acne, dark shadows, or little imperfections, we’ve all had days where our skin is Just. Not. Feeling. It. Banish those pesky little blemishes away with Jecca’s correct and conceal palette. The peachy color corrector neutralizes any stubborn blue tones from beard tones, and eye bags, whilst the concealer creates a flawless base.

How to use: Use the peachy color corrector first, using either a small makeup brush or clean fingers. Then, apply the concealer over the top for a long-lasting base! Buy it here.

6. EiR ‘Active Body Wash’

What it is: Named after the Norse goddess of healing, EiR is a unisex organic skincare line for those with active lifestyles, whether you’re surfing or running or just carrying really heavy groceries. Supercharged with ingredients like aloe, lemongrass, and sage, EiR products are designed to speed internal healing, so your insides will feel just as happy as your outside!

How to use: Massage the lather all over your body on wet skin, and rinse thoroughly. Buy it here.

7. Meant ‘Do All Wash’

What it is: Okay, serious question. Who hasn’t been guilty of using their shampoo as body wash at least once? This organic 3-in-1 wash is perfect for lazy people, multi-tasking people, and every other type of person in-between, thanks to the gender-inclusive ‘Do All Wash’. A shampoo, body cleanser, and face rinse all in one, the oil base deep-cleanses the skin, scalp, and hair and removes any dirt, all while smelling fresh and citrusy!

How to use: Lather over hair, face, and body, and rinse well. Buy it here.

8. Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Androgyny Eye Shadow Palette’

What it is: With makeup guru and mastermind Jeffree Star behind the palette, it’s no surprise that the ‘Androgyny Palette’ is quite possibly the most extra “neutral” palette known in the makeup world. Known for challenging both gender and makeup norms, Star stated, “I think androgyny is a good example of being you…It’s very masculine and feminine at the same time.” With a mix of neutral shades, as well as greens, blues, and reds, the possibilities to explore and create are endless!

How to use: Using eyeshadow brushes, or a clean finger, pat the eyes shadow to your eyelid before blending using soft, small circular motions. Buy it here.

Comment: Have you ever tried gender-neutral beauty products?

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