Geoff Jansz’s Kitchen Philosophy

August 13, 2002

80% of successful cooking is due to enjoying the process.

10% to skill

10% to planningSo make sure you set up for fun – have a glass of wine, put on some music, buy knives, chopping boards, aprons etc. that “take your fancy” and reflect your character.

Don’t stick to recipes, rather, be playful and adventurous. Recipes are just a notion. The dish is actually how you choose to express that notion.

When shopping, choose a hero ingredient, say chicken, fish, meat or even rice. Make sure it’s fabulous quality and then make your meal around it, at all times trying to bring out the best in that ingredient. When you eat the meal, talk about the ingredient:

“This is a Kangaroo Island chicken – it’s so good I’ve just simply roasted it…” etc.

This way you share the experience not just the food. So talk things out, it’s more fun.

Eat the things you like. Remember that everything will kill you if you have “too much”…Just work out what is the right amount to eat and how often, that way you’ve got something to look forward to and don’t feel deprived.

Eat with a clear conscience. Make sure your meal choices support good farming practices tat are good for the planet, kind to animals and sustainable for future generations.

At some stage in your life, try to create a “signature dish”. One that you can pass on to a loved one, family or friend, one that will remind people of the happy times they’ve had with you. You’d be surprised how food can evoke emotions and trigger great memories.

Give gifts of food – it can be one of the most personal expressions of care.

Plant a fruit tree. See what’s possible via your local nursery. Make the planting an occasion. Give the tree a name and your first apple will be the sweetest moment.

Listen to older people when they talk about food and cooking. Offer to help them prepare one of their time honoured favourites.they will pass on stuff us TV show off chefs have yet to learn.

Finally, be nice to me…you’ll go to heaven!

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