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George Clooney: “I F**ked Too Many Chicks”

George Clooney: “I F**ked Too Many Chicks”

George Clooney: “I F**ked Too Many Chicks”

When George Clooney’s not dazzling on the red carpet or riding motorcycles with model girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis through the Italian countryside, you often see him in war-torn states like South Sudan, campaigning for human rights.

He seems to have a dab hand at diplomacy so some have often wondered if his next move will be into politics. No way, says the 49 -year-old. Why?

“I f–ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth,” Clooney told Newsweek. He joked that if he did run for office his slogan would be: “I drank the bong water.”

Well that clears things up!

But that doesn’t mean he won’t stop pressuring governments for more funding and better policymaking. In fact he sees celebrities as playing a very important role in international affairs.

“Celebrity can help focus news media where they have abdicated their responsibility. We can’t make policy, but we can ‘encourage’ politicians more than ever before.”

Clooney says he admires what Bono has done over the years. “Bono’s model really worked. There is more attention on celebrity than ever before–and there is a use for that besides selling products.” Or looking sexy in a tux.

What do you think? Should celebrities use their star power to turn attention onto issues they think matter, or should they stick to doing what they do best?

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