George Clooney Says No To Marriage

January 23, 2011

George Clooney Says No To Marriage

George Clooney has come out and said it: he’s not getting married.


Huh? Well apparently Clooney was married rom 1989 to 1993 to actress Talia Balsam (she’s done a stack of TV work like Without A Trace, and is currently married to John Slattery, best know as Roger Sterling in Mad Men).

George and ex-wife Talia – look at those eyebrows!

Appearing with his father Nick on new US talkshow Piers Morgan Tonight, Clooney was asked if he’d consider getting married.

“I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married. Yeah, so I’ve proven how good I was at it, and I just… I’m allowed one.”

Despite his parents’ 51-year marriage, and his two-year relationship with model Elisabetta Canalis, Clooney is resolute that marriage is not for him.

Wonder how Elisabetta feels about that!

What do you think? Could you be disappointed by marriage enough to rule it out forever, or could you change your mind for the right person?

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