George Clooney’s ex reveals all

June 15, 2010

George Clooney’s ex reveals all

Lisa Snowdon has claimed George Clooney was too famous for their relationship to work.

The model-and-TV presenter – who dated the ‘Up in the Air’ star on and off for five years after they met on the set of a Martini advert in 2000 – has revealed she couldn’t handle the constant interest their relationship.

She explained: “It would never have worked. George is just too famous. Every day, everywhere, there were long lenses. I don’t think I could ever live like that.”

Since the ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ host split from the Oscar-winning actor for good in 2005, she admits she has become concerned she will remain single for the rest of her life.

She said in an interview with SHE magazine: “I haven’t had a boyfriend for five years. It’s me. It’s my problem. Now I’m thinking not when it’s going to happen, but if it’s ever going to happen at all.

“It’s scary to imagine that maybe there’ll be no husband, no baby, no wedding – and that’s it.”

Although Lisa, 39, would love to have a child she wouldn’t want to embark on motherhood unless she was in a stable relationship.

She said: “I would absolutely love to have kids. I did once consider the Einstein sperm bank in Los Angeles where they test the donor’s IQ first. But if children do happen, I feel it has to be part of a relationship. I wouldn’t want to do it on my own.”

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