Geri is gym banned

December 15, 2001

It looks like the ex Spice girl is at it again. Halliwell’s local gym the plush Holmes Place in Kensington has decided to cancel her membership because of her outlandish demands. Listen to this – she firstly demanded she get a membership for free but when they said ‘no’ – she reluctantly paid but insisted that her pet pooch Harry be looked after by the manager while she worked out. However it wasn’t until the extra skinny singer pulled out her toothbrush and started to clean her teeth at the club’s restaurant in front of everybody. An onlooker said, “She cleaned her teeth and then spat on her plate. It was disgusting.”

Precious Friend

You may think that Jennifer Aniston is this laid-back easy-going gal? Well it appears she may be a little more demanding than we think. Apparently the wife of Brad Pitt refuses to appear on the cover of a magazine smiling, as she doesn’t like her teeth. There’s more – she won’t do profile shots either as she thinks her nose is a little bit of a problem as well.

– she won’t have her hair done in photographs the same as her on-screen character Rachel either. Mmmmm – not so relaxed.

Ex-president to host chat show

It may be sooner than we think but Bill Clinton may be coming back to the public arena as a host of a new TV chat show. Clinton has been speaking to Michael Eisner, who is head of the Walt Disney Corporation about starting a new series next year. Despite all his scandals at the White House he is still interested in getting back into public life. When you think about it, who would refuse an invitation from Bill to appear on his show? .

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